cold foam mattress or latex mattress

Cold foam mattresses and latex mattresses are high-quality alternatives to the popular spring mattresses. But how do they differ? Find out below the properties of both mattress types.

The production of cold foam and latex mattresses

Cold foam mattresses are made of PUR foam, a plastic that is also used as insulation, for floors and adhesives. As the name suggests, cold foam mattresses are not heated during manufacture. After hardening, the cold foam mattress is crushed to break open the closed pores and make them elastic and breathable.
Latex mattresses can be made of natural or synthetic latex. Cheap models are almost always made of synthetic latex or a mixture in which the synthetic latex makes up the greater part. These synthetic latex mattresses are significantly cheaper, but they also do not have the excellent properties that make natural latex mattresses.

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Cold foam mattress and both types of latex mattresses in comparison

Property cold foam mattress natural latex mattress synthetic latex mattress
Point elasticity Very good Very good Well
Suitable for allergy sufferers Mostly yes Yes (have an antiseptic effect!) Rather yes
Suitable for people with back problems Yes, as long as they are not very difficult Yes! Rather yes
lifespan Very high Very high High
Mattress weight Low Low High
New mattress smell Very strong Mostly a slight odor Strong
ventilation medium Very good Barely
Suitable for sweaty people Rather less Yes No
price €€ €€€€ €€€

The agony of choice: a decision-making aid

Most of the latex mattresses available on the market are made only to a small extent from natural rubber, because real rubber is very expensive. If you are looking for a really high quality mattress and are willing to pay a lot of money for it, the natural latex mattress is definitely the best choice, because it surpasses the cold foam mattress a lot in terms of point elasticity and hygiene.

The prices in comparison

In the following, different mattress models from different suppliers with a size of 90 x 200 cm are compared. (As of May 2017)

Cold foam mattress synthetic latex mattress natural latex mattress
diamona Perfect Fit Plus; € 242.20 - € 699.00 diamona Latex Pure; € 378.10-1049.00 sembella Belair Clima Natur Lana; € 312.20 - € 590
Badenia Irisette Vitaflex Flextube KS; 228.00 - 649.00 € Röwa Legra emerald; € 799.00 - € 949.00 dormiente Natural Basic 3; 699 - 860 €
Schlaraffia Geltex 500; € 400.00 - € 419.00 Schlaraffia Greenfinch 200 Aqua; € 699.90 MALIE Pure Green natural latex; € 348.00 - € 530.90
Tips & Tricks Don't be fooled! Read carefully whether the latex mattress you have chosen is actually made from 100% natural latex.