Make your own cold foam mattress

Cold foam mattresses are very high quality, but a bit expensive. However, you can easily make a comparably high-quality cold foam mattress yourself. In the following we will tell you how this works and what it costs.

The structure of a cold foam mattress

The core of every cold foam mattress is the cold foam. This makes up at least 90% of the entire mattress. In addition, there is only a protective layer on the top and bottom and the mattress cover. Therefore, the natural construction of a cold foam mattress is quite feasible! In addition, the cold foam can easily be purchased in online trading even in the desired size.

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Where do I get the cold foam?

If you enter Google "Cold Foam ", you will find numerous offers. At WWW.foam requirement.DE Get a 100 x 200cm piece with a thickness of 6cm and a room weight of 35/40 for 51,39 €. Choose a thick foam with a loom weight of at least 35/40 to produce a high-quality, long-lasting cold foam mattress. Thinner or lighter mattresses cool faster and become uncomfortable.

What does the homemade cold foam mattress cost?

The stated values refer to a 100 x 200 cm mattress. Status: May 2017

Cost overview price
Cold foam, 35/40, 6cm thick € 51.59
2 PUR RG 25/40 foam sheets, each 1cm thick 14.10
Mattress cover with zip 19.90 €
double-sided tape € 5.99
total cost € 91.58

Step by step instructions for making your own cold foam mattress

  • Cold foam in the desired size (e.g.B. 100 x 200cm)
  • 2 pieces of PUR foam sheets or a comparable material in the same size
  • Mattress cover in the desired size
  • double-sided tape or environmentally friendly, solvent-free adhesive

1. Prepare the core

Glue the PUR panels to the top of the cold foam with the double-sided adhesive tape. Stick the tape as close as possible to the edge and over the entire length as well as at the top and bottom of the width. Glue a few strips in the middle to prevent slipping. Alternatively, you can also attach the panels with solvent-free glue.

Then glue the second plate to the bottom.

2. This is how it becomes a mattress

Then put the purchased mattress cover over your core - and your cold foam mattress is ready! Alternatively, you can also make the mattress cover yourself, but since it is available in stores from € 20, the effort and cost of the fabric is not really worth it.