Cold foam mattress infested with mold

The cold foam mattress is one of the highest quality and most popular types of mattresses today. However, ventilation is one of their weak points. Therefore, mold can develop, especially if you sweat a lot. Find out below how to prevent mold on the cold foam mattress and what to do with a moldy mattress.

Prevent mold

As I said, ventilation is one of the weak points of cold foam mattresses. Therefore, you need to ensure adequate ventilation yourself:

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  • Throw back your duvet every morning after you get up to give the moisture a chance to escape. Half an hour of ventilation is ideal, but a few minutes can make a difference.
  • Change the bed linen regularly and ventilate the mattress for a while between changes.
  • Wash the mattress cover regularly at at least 60 degrees (if possible).
  • If you have sweated a lot one night, fold back the duvet for a longer period of time or - if the mattress is very wet - place it on a heater or in the sun for some time so that the moisture can escape.
  • Clean your cold foam mattress at least once a year. This will also reduce mite infestation.
  • Turn your cold foam mattress regularly.

Treat mold

If your mattress is already moldy, you don't need to dispose of it immediately. Even if the mold is harmful to your health, you can remove it with simple home remedies.
These home remedies help against mold:

  • citric acid
  • baking powder
  • vinegar
  • alcohol
  • sunlight

Remove mold from the cold foam mattress

  • Citric acid or baking soda or vinegar or a natural mold spray
  • Mouthguard
  • Gloves
  • brush
  • Soft rag
  • Washing machine
  • Heating and / or sun
  • Wet vacuum cleaner

1. To prepare

Wear a mask and gloves when working to protect yourself from the poisonous spores.

2. Remove and treat mattress cover

If your mattress has a mattress cover, you're in luck: the mold may be confined to the cover.

Peel off the cover and drip some of your chosen product onto the stain.

Brush in the product and let it work.

Then put the cover in the washing machine and wash it as hot as possible. (Note the manufacturer's instructions!)

3. Treat the cold foam mattress

If there is also mold on the cold foam mattress or if your mattress has no cover, put some of the mold on it and brush it in well.

Let the agent work for a few minutes and remove it with the soft cloth. Repeat the process if necessary.

4th. cleaning

Finally, it is advisable to clean your cold foam mattress generously by hand or with a wet vacuum cleaner. You can find out how to do this here.

5. let dry

The most important thing is that your cold foam mattress is 100% dry before you cover it again, otherwise new mold will form immediately. Put them to dry in a warm, dry place such as near a heater or in the sun.

Tips & Tricks Do not fight mold with a chlorine-containing mold spray, otherwise you will only switch from one element to another which is harmful to health.