Cold foam mattress: What are the disadvantages??

Like all mattress types, the cold foam mattress also has disadvantages and advantages. In the following we have put together a list for you with the pros and cons of a cold foam mattress, so that you can decide for yourself whether the cold foam mattress is the right choice.

What is a cold foam mattress made of??

As the name suggests, a cold foam mattress is made of foam. The word "cold" comes from the fact that no heat has to be used during production. It is made from the plastic polyurethane (also PU or PUR), which is also used as insulation, for adhesives, floor coverings, running tracks in stadiums and seals. A cold foam mattress also includes:

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  • Mattress core
  • Upper class
  • Lower class
  • Mattress cover

The mattress core, which varies in thickness, is encased in the mattress cover, which is at best removable and washable.

The advantages and disadvantages of a cold foam mattress

Cold foam mattresses are currently the most popular type of mattress in Germany after the spring core mattress. But it also has disadvantages:

advantages disadvantages
High point elasticity New cold foam mattresses have an unpleasant smell
Adapts to every sleeping position Ventilation rather bad
Can be rolled and kinked Not suitable for slatted frames with a distance of over 5cm
Long durability For inferior models of cowling possible
Very low weight Not suitable for heavily sweating persons
Good value for money

The disadvantages of the cold foam mattress

Unpleasant smell

Probably the greatest blemish of the cold foam mattress is the unpleasant smell of chemicals that starts from her as soon as you get it out of the plastic foil. Almost all new cold foam mattresses have this production-related smell. Allegedly, the exhalations are not harmful to harm, but manufacturers advise to release the mattress a few days. You'll find more about it here.

Bad ventilation

Cold foam mattresses have a rather poor air circulation compared to feather core mattresses. It is therefore advisable to place cold foam mattresses only on slatted frames in order to provide the necessary ventilation and to prevent moisture and the associated mites.

Clearances for the slatted frame

Cold foam mattresses must not be placed on too wide a space between the slatted frames so that they do not push through.

Hollow formation

Older and cheap mattresses can wear out. Therefore, when buying, make sure that you buy the highest possible quality and high mattress and that the degree of hardness is tailored to your body weight.

Not suitable for people who sweat heavily

Due to the poor ventilation, the cold foam mattress stores heat. This is very pleasant in winter or for people who freeze quickly. This is not a good prerequisite for people who are more sensitive to heat. Neither moisture nor heat can escape easily.