You can make a stretch ceiling yourself?

Your ceiling should look classy and tidy without you having to repaint it after a few years? In this case, it is advisable to install a stretched lacquer ceiling, which should only be cleaned occasionally, but otherwise does not require any special care. Can you make such a blanket yourself - or do you need skilled craftsmen for it??

Assemble a stretched lacquer ceiling yourself: How does it work?

If you would like to make your own stretched ceiling, we recommend that you obtain detailed assembly instructions from the respective manufacturer. Basically, there is nothing wrong with installing it yourself, provided you observe the most important points.

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First of all, screw on the retaining profiles that serve as the substructure for the stretched lacquer ceiling. The minimum suspension height is around 1.5 cm, but with integrated lights you have to take a few more centimeters away. Then it is time to stretch the ceiling film:

  • Fasten stretch ceiling film to the upper corners of the room with special brackets
  • then heat the room air and foil to 40 degrees with the help of a fan heater
  • then press the film all round into the retaining profiles with special spatulas
  • Cut holes for the lighting
  • Attach the reinforcement frame and mount the lighting

For professionals, these processes look very simple, but it is certainly better to be patient and calm in order to achieve a really pleasing result. We also recommend to get at least one other employee with the boat.

In which rooms can I make a lacquer cleavage yourself?

The paint clamping blanket is basically suitable for all rooms of a inhabited house, from living or bedroom to bathroom and kitchen. Even a private swimming pool can be equipped with this ceiling variant.

The material of a lacquer cleave is completely waterproof, but in damp rooms you should make sure that there are no water-sensitive materials at the underlying old ceiling: otherwise threatens hidden mold!

Tips & Tricks also make sure that your homemade lacquer tensioning deck only in rooms, whose air temperature never falls below - 5 degrees Celsius. Because with too low temperatures, the clamping slide becomes brittle and can tear.