Pine wood can be harmful to a baby?

For the sake of their children, many parents want to ensure that materials that are as harmless as possible are selected when furnishing their home. Furniture and cushions made from pine wood are said to have a positive effect on human health. With regard to toddlers, however, given the essential oil contained in the stone pine, a differentiated view is appropriate.

Stone pine and small children: danger or health plus?

Basically, it can be said that stone pine is not poisonous per se. After all, this should have made itself felt in the past centuries. After all, entire living rooms and furnishings in the Alpine region were traditionally made from the relatively soft and beautifully colored wood of the Swiss stone pine (botanical: Pinus Cembra). On the contrary, many die-hard stone pine fans are of the opposite opinion that staying in a room with stone pine wood can have a positive effect on health.

Even if the scientific studies on the health-promoting effects of stone pine are controversial, it is undisputed that stone pine can give off a pleasant scent into the air over many years. The pinosylvin contained in the wood is responsible for this. Last but not least, this essential oil is said to improve the quality of sleep by:

  • has an antibacterial effect
  • allegedly causes the average pulse rate to drop significantly
  • presumably also has anti-inflammatory effects

There are special stone pine pillows for children

Experienced parents know that it is important to be careful with essential oils in toddlers. Therefore, pregnant women, nursing mothers and small children should only come into direct contact with the stone pine oil after consulting a doctor or pharmacist. But that does not mean that the untreated wood of the stone pine, for example, is automatically dangerous for small children and allergy sufferers. But furniture and stone pine cushions for toddlers should not be treated with stone pine oil in good faith in a positive effect.

The pure scent of Swiss stone pine furniture, on the other hand, is also harmless to small children. Different types of cots are now also made from stone pine.

If a stone pine pillow with a filling made of stone pine wood chips is to be used, it should perhaps not be completely freshly filled. Then the scent can still be very intense and thus irritate the baby. In addition, an adult pillow should not simply be used. Our own Swiss stone pine pillows are made for children, whose shape, size and filling are perfectly adapted to the health needs of small children.

Attention: pay attention to the quality of the products

When purchasing stone pine pillows and stone pine furniture for toddlers, you shouldn't only pay attention to the price: Unfortunately, there are now black sheep in this market, whose products do not meet the strict requirements for baby items.

Stone pine oils and stone pine products should come from organic production that is certified as transparently as possible. Otherwise, it is possible that these products are contaminated with various wood preservatives and pollutants during the process of bringing in and processing wood.

Wood care oils can also contain harmful ingredients. In order to protect small children from such harmful substances, products for freshening up the fragrance of stone pine should be selected with particular care.