Chestnut wood - which prices have to be reckoned with?",

There are two basic types of chestnut trees: the well-known horse chestnut and the sweet chestnut, which also produces the popular chestnuts. The wood of the horse chestnut is mainly used for the timber industry. You can find out what prices you should expect in this article.


Chestnut wood is harvested and traded in smaller quantities than, for example, beech wood or oak wood. Because of the relatively small quantities, the prices for sawn timber are also slightly higher - you can usually buy from around 1.300 - 1.EUR 400 per m³. Chestnut wood is not always and everywhere available in the timber trade.

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Prices for chestnuts

The wood of the sweet chestnut is even rarer and can hardly be found in our timber trade. Occasionally it is traded in the countries of origin of the sweet chestnut, especially south of Germany and partly in Switzerland, but at a price similar to that of chestnut wood in our country. Since it is a special wood, you have to reckon with an even higher price (usually up to double) than for the horse chestnut in any case.

Chestnut wood as firewood

Chestnut wood is rarely found alone as firewood, but mostly mixed with other types of hardwood. Since it has a relatively good calorific value (around 2.000 kWh per m³, only slightly less than beech and oak) it can be an inexpensive addition with a high calorific value. As a rule, the usual firewood prices are due, which in most areas are between 35 and 60 EUR per cubic meter.

More expensive variants of the chestnut

In any case, you have to calculate surcharges for:

  • Sweet chestnut
  • Chestnut
  • particularly high wood quality or beautiful grain
  • Pieces with special properties for the arts and crafts
Tips & Tricks The so-called curly chestnut is also more expensive than ordinary chestnut wood, but it can be a very nice wood for carving or other art work. Beautiful, grained pieces of chestnut are also very suitable for turning.