No sewer pipe without ventilation

You would like to renovate or remodel your bathroom? Then remember to ventilate properly when laying the sewer pipe. Otherwise it can happen that the negative pressure sucks the odor trap empty. A vent takes care of the balance.

Why is ventilation necessary in a sewer pipe??

No sewage pipe works without pressure equalization. In the pipe system not only smells but also gases arise. Excessive pressure in the sewer pipe can slow down the drainage of the dirty water and, in extreme cases, clog the sewer pipe.

Sewer pipes are being vented through the roof. The end of the pipe usually ends in a vent tile of the roof covering. Vent pipes do not require a large cross-section. The diameter is usually less than 25 centimeters. PVC or ABS are used as the material.

Tips & Tricks Make sure that the vent pipe is not attached directly next to a roof window. The gases could thus get back into the interior of the building.