Cherry wood - what prices are charged?

The cherry tree not only provides popular fruits, but also a particularly high-quality wood that is mainly used for upscale interior fittings. Cherry wood is also becoming increasingly popular in the arts and crafts. You can find out about the approximate prices for cherry wood and the price differences here.

Prices for sawn timber

Cherry wood can have very different prices, even as sawn timber. Domestic cherry wood is priced between 900 and 1.200 EUR per m³. In the muted version, it is usually not that much more expensive.

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American cherry

American cherry wood is considered to be of high quality and is often the more popular variant. This is also reflected in the price. In general, American cherry wood prices range between 1.500 and 1.Calculate 800 EUR per m³, almost a quarter more than for domestic cherry wood.

Special cherry wood varieties

  • Swiss cherry tree (also a popular variety, usually more expensive)
  • Japanese cherry tree (very fine wood)
  • Yoshino cherry (similar to the Japanese cherry)

Price for firewood

The calorific value of cherry wood is consistently good, with around 1.800 kWh per cubic meter is only slightly below that of beech wood. As firewood, cherry wood is almost only used in private logging - for example when a cherry tree has to give way in a garden. The prices are then extremely low, with private sales you can often assume a price level of 30 - 40 EUR per cubic meter. Given the high calorific value of cherry wood, this can be good business.

Tips & Tricks For private logging in particular, you can often get cheap firewood, as logs that are too short or too small are not of interest to sawmills or carpenters - and are therefore usually sold as firewood by the owner at extremely low prices have to be (if he cannot use them himself).