A class! 7 reasons why it is great to have a small breast

Because of flat-chested! A small bust size has some convincing advantages. So much 'Oho!'is namely in a small breast ...

It may be that some guys are into really plump, feminine XXL curves, but that is by no means a reason to see few breasts as a physical flaw. On the contrary, actually! After all, we can completely ignore HIS opinion or sexual preference as long as we feel very comfortable in our own body! And there are (also) a lot of good reasons for this if you have a small bust size. All the more, of course: EVERY breast, regardless of whether it is small or large, is beautifully feminine. And that's just as well.
Small but mighty: 7 reasons why you can consider yourself lucky with a small breast:

1. Sports friends

Nothing wobbles and bounces: A small cup size does not always make the practical sports bra completely superfluous, but the following still applies: Endurance running, jumping rope and floor exercise are at least twice as much fun with a small breast, because there is simply nothing in the way.

2. Even more movement

Oh, by the way, that also applies to sex! After all, you can concentrate fully on the matter, without the breasts painfully "jumping " during wild up and down movements in the rider position and having to hold on to them for protection. Touching is of course expressly encouraged, so get on with it, man!

3. Even more feeling

Even science has devoted itself to cup size: Viennese researchers have found that XXL breasts are 24 percent less sensitive to caressing touch. No wonder, after all, the nerves are hidden under more fatty tissue and are therefore less sensitive. If that is not a call for an extensive caress ...

4th. Buy without expertise

It may be that a bra cup is less impressive, but with a smaller cup size, buying a bra works even without expert advice. Instead of supporting rods and hangers, you can rely on lace, playful cuts and other sophisticated details without backing off the lingerie purchase.

5. Long term guarantee

Small breasts stay firm, and at best for a lifetime. Not such a bad prospect for old age, right?

6th. Completely pain-free

Painful constrictions from bra straps, back and neck problems due to weight, maybe even postural damage: a plump cleavage has disadvantages that women with small breasts are immune to.

7th. Eye catcher

They are pretty, they are feminine, they are adorable and just beautiful!

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