Clearing out your wardrobe: This is how it will be easier for you

You have too many clothes in your closet that you don't even wear? Then it is time to clean out the closet thoroughly. If you want to keep track of your wardrobe, you have to clear out the clutter every now and then. After all, new things are constantly being added. We explain how to do this.

How throwing it away is easier

  • The thought of throwing your favorite sweater in the trash is often unbearable. It is therefore easier not to throw the sweater in the trash, but to donate it to a charity. Items of clothing that are still in very good condition can also be offered for sale via online markets or at a flea market.
  • If you're not sure whether or not you will still wear a piece, take the test: slide the pieces in question into a corner of the cupboard. After a self-selected time (e.g.B. a month or two) check to see if the pieces are still there or if you have worn any of them. If you keep all your clothes on hangers, you can mark the pieces in question by e.g.B. Turn it inside out or hang the hanger the other way around than usual.
  • Let yourself be advised: invite a dear friend to muck out, give her or her a gift. give him a glass of wine or coffee and show him / her the pieces that you can't make up your mind about. Ask for honesty!
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Muck out the wardrobe step by step

1. All out

Empty the closet completely and put everything on your bed or the floor. Crumpled stockings or the like can get hidden in the upper corners and nooks in particular. Take the opportunity to clean the cupboard with a vacuum cleaner and fit and warm water.

2. Sort out systematically

Proceed systematically: For example,.B. with jeans. Find the jeans that you definitely want to keep and put them back in the closet. Then try the ones you are not sure about and then decide. If they are not sure after the fitting, put them aside on a separate "I-decision-later " - pile. Drive so with the t-shirts, pullover, jackets, skirts, underwear etc. fort.

Broken clothes can be right in the trash can. You can do socks without a partner in a bag and place in the sock box. If the associated second sock does not appear within two weeks, throw away the bag.

3. "I-decision-later " - pile

Finally, they are again dedicated to their deferred heap. If you want, you can now catch up advice from your family or a friend. Or but they do the heap in a bag and stow him in the top cabinet corner. If you do not miss anything, everything can be gone.

Tips & Tricks After you have released your wardrobe, you should use it as logically as possible. Read here how you can best organize your closet.