Brick: How to remove paint?

As so-called "hard-fired bricks", clinker bricks are blessed with a very dense and resistant surface - but colors often adhere too well. In this article, you will find out what options there are for removing layers of paint or paint residues from clinker surfaces.

Painted clinker

When clinker has been painted, removing the paint is usually quite problematic.

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Paint stripper

Here you could possibly work with paint strippers. Always make sure, however, that paint strippers can sometimes seriously damage the environment, many products are also harmful to health. For use on whole facades, these means are not very well suited, many of them may also attack the clinker surfaces.


The sandblasting of clinkers is only very limited recommended - the tightly sintered clinker surface can therefore be severely damaged. If you want to use this procedure, it is advisable to use professionals to use the JOS micro-beam procedure, which we also described in the linked contribution.

Another possibility would be the ROTEC hot beam process, a high-pressure method specially tailored to sensitive surfaces.

Depending on the type of coating and their properties, you could also succeed in chance with dry ice jets. As a rule, however, the process is rather used to clean a façade.

Folbrest on clinker

Smaller traces of paint or paint residues are best removed mechanically - for example with a wire brush attachment on the drill (€ 48.00 on Amazon *) . Please note, however, that the use of the wire brush can possibly leave dark marks on the clinker. This is due to the metal abrasion of the wire brush.

Spatula and ceramic hob scraper

Scraping off particularly stubborn paint residues is often a very successful method. In addition to a spatula with the sharpest possible edge, ceramic hob scrapers are also very suitable for such work.

Remove paint residues from joints

Strongly absorbent joints are always a problem. However, there are special cleaners that break down the color particles. Then you can simply scrub off the loosened paint particles with a brush. You will probably have to repeat this several times with a lot of patience.

Remove graffiti

Tips & Tricks Especially when graffiti is a problem that occurs frequently, it can be worthwhile to have a special paint-repellent coating applied. Some cleaning companies specialize in such coatings. Any kind of graffiti from spray cans or with pens can then be easily wiped off.