Ecologically valuable green roofs - what are the costs?

The advantages of a green roof are obvious: the plants ensure cleaner air and they simply look beautiful. You can also save heating costs with your green eco-roof!

Green roofs: guideline values for the costs

The costs for a green roof cannot be assessed as a flat rate. It will of course be cheaper if you carry out your project yourself. However, you should at least consult a structural engineer to make sure that your roof can bear the heavy load.

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In the holistic greening of a waterproof garage roof with 18 sqm area, you must expect costs between 35 and 55 euros per sqm - including plants. The cost of laying all materials is about 400 EUR.

Costs for roof greening in detail

  • For a not completely dense roof you need a root-resistant roof sealing track, which is price at about 20 EUR per square meter.
  • An already completely dense roof surface requires a root protection film that prevents the ingress of plant roots in the roof material. This slide for roof greening raises costs of about 5 to 9 EUR per square meter.
  • In the next step, you embark a protective and storage fleece for about 2 to 4 EUR per square meter roof area.
  • Of course, you will also need a water storage system including drainage, for the cost of approx. 10 to 15 EUR per square meter.
  • Now you can distribute the roof substrate evenly. Depending on the manufacturer and quality, you pay 10 to 20 EUR per square meter.
  • A roof planting can be very different, there is a large selection of plants available. The cost of the final green roof is around EUR 4 to EUR 15 per square meter.
  • In addition, there may be labor costs, which range between EUR 20 and 30 per square meter of green space.

Project example: the costs for 55 square meters of green roof

A garage owner would like to green his spacious double garage. The roof is already absolutely airtight, and the structural engineer also gives the green light. A specialist company carries out the greening.

Cost overview price
1. Root protection film 385 EUR
2. Protective and storage fleece 165 EUR
3. Water storage system and drainage 715 EUR
4th. Roof substrate 990 EUR
5. plants 715 EUR
6th. Wages 1.375 EUR
total 4th.345 EUR

Apply for grants and save costs

Inquire with your city administration whether you can receive a subsidy for your ecologically valuable green roof. Some municipalities grant funding of up to EUR 20 per square meter. You may also be able to benefit from lower wastewater charges for your property!

Tips & Tricks Do you own an older building that you would like to green? Funding from KfW may be considered, in which case you could receive a discounted loan.