Only paint the chest of drawers if the wood is to be exposed

When cutting surfaces, an aggressive solvent does not only affect the old colors and varnishes. The wood of a dresser must cope with the corrosive intruder. An exam of compatibility helps to avoid damage. Massive and solid wood usually tolerate the stain, with the duration and dosage playing a role.

Do not fortake at fresh cover paint

When a dresser is worked up, the pitch is the most effective way to remove old color completely. Since the strongly alkaline stain material and humans are burdened and endangered, the need to be determined.

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If an old dresser is to get fresh paint, treatment with bezes is usually not required. This also applies to the so-called self-made shabby chic, which at least only works with chemically neutral stains.

Stripping is indispensable when an old chest of drawers is restored in such a way that the wood grain and texture are exposed again and should remain. Since old paint has often penetrated the wood, the stain has to dissolve this residue.

There are three types of pickling agents to choose from

Painted wood can be painted directly after mechanical removal of loose residues and light sanding. If the dresser is to be painted transparent, oiled or waxed, it is stripped.

To get the sometimes stubborn and ancient colors when restoring a chest of drawers out of the wood, three types of stains are available:

  • Chemically neutral stain: works on an acid basis (vinegar, lemon), can compensate for the lower effectiveness by repeated application.
  • Pickling with solvents: Available in different degrees of aggressiveness. Harmful methanol, methanes and surfactants also have an effect on strong and deeply penetrated paint residues and layers.
  • Alkaline lyes (caustic soda): the most aggressive and strongest stains that dissolve old solvent-based paints and varnishes. Acrylic varnish and water-based emulsion paints, however, are immune to this. Before doing this, it is essential to do a compatibility test on the wood in a hidden place.
Tips & Tricks Metals and other alien materials are sensitive to stain. Unscrew all fittings from the chest of drawers or glue fixed parts such as hinges and door hinges with acid-proof adhesive tape.