Corrosion protection in the car - what else is important besides paint care?

Word has got around that you should wash vehicles regularly and treat the paintwork regularly with hot wax. That rust spots have to be repaired as soon as possible and as professionally as possible, too. In this article, you can find out which measures are still important for corrosion protection on the car.


The vehicle underbody is exposed to the greatest dangers during operation. It is only poorly protected, but suffers from the greatest stress. It is not for nothing that rust can spread particularly quickly here. It also does the most damage to the underbody of the vehicle and is the most costly to clean up.

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Underbody protection should be renewed at least before winter and after winter. A thorough underbody wash washes away deposits and dirt from the underbody, which can also lead to corrosion if left in place long enough. Road salt residues are also removed in this way.

The underbody protection should definitely be a high quality product. Home remedies such as spraying the sub-floor with oil and driving on a dusty road are not effective. Many of these home remedies are also prohibited. A proper underbody protection is a must.


There are cavities in every vehicle. They are located in the trunk, on the wheel arches and in other parts of the vehicle. Most of these cavities on the vehicle are treated with wax, and some are also sealed.

This wax can evaporate and contract over time. Then there is no longer any protective effect. The moisture that penetrates the cavities can cause corrosion from the inside. When you see the rust on the outside, it is already too late. The sheet metal is then already rusted through.

This is especially the case with the wheel arches. Rust must always be combated from the inside, in most cases the cause is on the inside of the sheet metal.

Rust film

Flash rust that sticks is a great danger for every vehicle. In some cases, you have to reckon with increased flash rust formation:

  • For cars that are near a railway or track system
  • When there is heavy industry nearby
  • For cars parked on busy streets.

If you discover it, you should remove rust film immediately by buffing it. If it can no longer be polished off, the rust spot must be professionally repaired immediately.

Tips & Tricks Sometimes a thorough inspection of the entire vehicle helps to discover hidden rust hazards.