Cost of drywall

Of course, the cost of a drywall project depends on the one hand from the size of the project, but above all from the type of material used. Alone on simple GK plates there are price differences from up to four times - calculated on the entire planked area will result in huge differences in the final price. Package price information is therefore difficult here. But you can find a good compromise between quality and low cost if you stick to the following tried and tested advice.

1. Planning is everything

While you are sitting in front of the plan, you still have time to weigh up, calculate and calculate alternatives. If you invest enough time here, you can usually get by with really solid and reasonable total costs.

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2. What is actually needed

It is by no means advisable to forego what is important. There are things that have to be simple. But you can make life and the burden on your wallet much easier if you limit yourself to the things that are really necessary. In the bathroom, for example, it is not absolutely necessary to use core-impregnated plasterboard panels, which are often twice or three times as expensive as long as there is no sauna in the bathroom. A coating with liquid sealing film in all areas that are really water-endangered reliably prevents moisture from getting to the panels - this saves you massive costs without taking any real risk.
Or: Double planking only has to be done where tiling will be done later. Instead of using two layers of plasterboard, you can also mount a plywood board under the plasterboard - this has the same effect but is usually much cheaper.

3. Don't plan too much waste

If you work cleanly and precisely, you can usually easily get around with a surcharge of 10% for the waste if no tricky construction can be mastered. Especially with expensive materials, a reasonable extension calculation can save a lot of money.

4. Before the material purchase: make list and compare prices

Especially with plates and steady work, small price differences can often be significantly summed up because of the high levels. To avoid that you have to buy even additional material or forgotten tools while working on the fast very expensive, it is recommended that everything you need to set a shopping list and to compare the prices for each point of the list carefully. Price differences are available everywhere - not too tight. Sometimes even delivered material and the delivery charge is still cheaper than the self-picked up in the hardware store. Of course, such convenience should not be missed.

Of course, experience is always a cost factor - those who have enough experience know what they can leave out and where without problems. But you can only gain experience - or seek advice from professionals, whatever can be worthwhile.