Cost information for a prefabricated cellar

The costs for a prefabricated cellar are usually within a certain range, which can be narrowed down with the help of some specific data. However, if certain difficulties arise, such as rocky ground, the basement can become considerably more expensive.

Complete cellar, expansion cellar or shared cellar?

An important price-deciding factor is whether the client is willing to actively cooperate. A complete cellar is in the highest price segment, because this is where the contracted construction company delivers a complete prefabricated cellar.

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Both the external insulation and the internal staircase are missing in the expansion basement, and the client has to take action here. The built-in basement is the most cost-effective variant: This version also lacks the foundation earth electrode (against lightning damage), the base plate, the drainage system and the windows.

Other important price factors for the prefabricated cellar

  • The subsoil plays an important role in the cost of the prefabricated cellar: a water vein or rocky ground drives up the price of excavation.
  • You pay less for a low basement than for a high room. The standard size is around 2.25 to 2.40 m. A higher prefabricated cellar is usually only available at an additional cost.
  • Of course, the area of the prefabricated cellar is also decisive for the final price.
  • Regional price fluctuations can have a significant impact: In metropolitan areas you tend to have to reckon with the highest costs for the deployment of construction workers.

Guide values for costs

For a simple earth excavation, for an average large single-family home with a cost of around 4.Expect EUR 000. The complete cellar between 80 and 120 square meters is priced at around 30.000 to 40.000 EUR.

An expansion cellar of the same size will normally cost you between 25.000 and 35.000 EUR, the shared basement is 18.000 to 25.000 EUR. Of course, in these two cases there are also the costs for the material you have used yourself.

100 sqm prefabricated cellar: a price example

A building owner wants a 100 square meter prefabricated cellar at standard height for his family home. He opts for a complete cellar, so he has the least amount of work. The subsoil can be easily excavated.

Cost overview price
1. Excavation 4th.350 EUR
2. 100 sqm complete basement 38.550 EUR
total 42.900 EUR

Find a worthwhile offer

Always get several offers for your prefabricated cellar. You can also browse the price lists of various providers on the Internet. The more comparative values you have, the more specifically you can filter out a worthwhile offer.

Tips & Tricks If the prices for prefabricated cellars are too high for you, there is still the option of opting for a partial cellar. In some cases, one or two rooms are enough for a washing machine and heating.