Criteria for the purchase of bituminous shingles

In this country, bituminous shingles almost exclusively garden houses - but they are a very cost-effective and above all robust alternative also for residential houses. In the US is the long standard. Read here what makes your price advantage.

Cheap material price and easy processing

Bituminous shingles are extremely robust and holding - professionally processed - many decades, some manufacturers even give 20 years warranty and more. The processing is comparatively easy - self-making here then additionally costs in the roof covering.

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The material price lies with simple, cheap shingles approximately at 10 euros per square meter - significantly cheaper than many other coverage variants. Only the consumption of nails is with 200 or even 300 pieces per square meter, depending on the steepness of the roof, also a cost factor.

Upon purchase, there are different geometric forms - from the rectangle to the beaver tail - available, also an extensive color palette, with which the roof can be individually designed.

Consumption is different depending on the slope of the roof

The steeper the roof, the more nails are needed, in addition also adhesives, as the shingles then sometimes need to be glued to full-surface. Before buying it is best again with an experienced specialist to learn how to do it right.

Prices Selected provider (as of: 2013)

Bitumen shingles, different shapes
Sonata super black, honeycomb, 3 sqm package 32 EUR / 3 m²
Onduline Bardoline trapezoid, glass fleece and ceramic granules 14.47 EUR / m²
Bitumen shingles
Tango super autumnal, beaver cock, 3sqm package 35,00 EUR / 3 m²
Onduline Bardoline Pro 100, with glass fiber fleece insert 11,58 EUR / m²

Costs for a roofing with bituminous shingles

Bituminous shingles are laid on a layer of bitumen web, the roof must be covered with a wooden shaping. The cost of wood, nails, the bitumen railways and may also bitumen adhesive, so they need to be used for the determination of the total cost, except they use from the outset self-adhesive bitum diaphragms. Overall, they are still significantly cheaper with the total cost than many other coverage variants.