Criticism on the job: this is how you take it better

Feedback at work makes you nervous because most of the time you take it personally? We'll show you 5 strategies with which you can deal with criticism in a more relaxed manner and even learn from it.

1. The big picture

You are part of a company that pursues and wants to achieve certain goals. Your ego shouldn't come first, harsh as that sounds. It prevents you from making a valuable contribution to the company. Even in difficult situations, you should put the company's needs above your personal preferences. Because if the numbers aren't right, the company can go down the drain or replace you with someone who complains less and does more.

2. Change of environment

Once you react angry and heated to criticism, a quick change of environment can help you. It's best to go outside and take a deep breath. This not only helps you to subside the negative emotions, but also lets you think about everything in peace and maybe come to new conclusions.

3. You never stop learning

Get rid of the thought that you already know "everything " about a certain topic. Otherwise you may feel attacked in your competence when someone criticizes your work. Instead, you should see criticism as an asset because it shows you a different perspective.

4th. Never take it personally

Always keep in mind: It is not you who are criticized as a person, but your work. And someone simply expresses their opinion on that. It can sometimes be very different from your own, but that doesn't change the value of your work and certainly nothing about you as a person.

5. Opportunity instead of injury

Criticism often hurts so much because we care a lot about what is criticized. But instead of seeing criticism as an attack on your heart project, you should rethink: Every criticism brings you and your passion further, even if it turns out negative.