Seal synthetic leather to keep it elastic and soft

The top layer of artificial leather is made of plastic. In order to achieve the necessary elasticity, malleability and softness, chemical plasticizers are added to the top layer. These substances evaporate over time. The regular sealing of the artificial leather limits the evaporation and maintains the properties longer.

Properties of the sealant

When sealing an artificial leather surface, an airtight protective film is applied to the surface. It does not penetrate the plastic top layer, but lies over it. When choosing the sealant, the abrasion resistance after drying is important.

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The sealant must be able to withstand abrasive and wiping loads, such as those that arise during use. Since artificial leather sweating is almost unavoidable, even increased temperatures and greasy sweat must not dissolve or dissolve the seal.

Can be restored to maximum new condition

Contrary to what some manufacturers claim, the elastic properties of artificial leather cannot be improved. The subjective perception of the improvement is always limited to a return to the initial state. High-quality sealants can give the impression of penetrating the surface. This effect is created by a particularly adhesive substance that also uses the unevenness as a primer, especially on roughened surfaces (€ 36.80 at Amazon *).

The durability of an artificial leather sofa is extended by up to a third through regular and timely sealing. Typical signs of aging when plasticizers are lost, such as crumbling or dissolving, are delayed without being able to be completely avoided. When caring for the synthetic leather sofa, the intervals specified by the manufacturer of the sealer should be adhered to. Often they also depend on the intensity of use of the sofa.

High-quality sealants "show " the saturation of the protective film by streaking. An "too much" does not damage the artificial leather, but can settle on clothing and skin.

How to seal your synthetic leather sofa

  • Sealant
  • Wipe or sponge according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • vacuum cleaner
  • toothbrush

1. Pre-cleaning

Absolute freedom from grease and dust is a prerequisite for a functionally perfect seal. Also think about folds and seams, which you should work on with a toothbrush or vacuum cleaner if necessary.

2. assignment

Apply the sealant according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Tips & Tricks If you press the synthetic leather upholstery with your thumb and the material slows down, it begins to lose plasticizer. You should now seal freshly at the latest.