Artificial slate on the roof: cheap solution or real alternative?

Natural slate is considered a particularly noble material that also lasts extremely long. Unfortunately, most building owners are faced with costs when it comes to fitting a roof with this material. Artificial slate is significantly cheaper - but unfortunately "cheap" is not always a good choice. We therefore take a closer look to find out whether the material offers a real alternative.

How long does artificial slate last as a roof covering?

Natural slate is already thousands of years old anyway, so a few hundred years more or less do not matter anymore. The real slate is therefore considered to be almost indestructible, as it can withstand the weather over the long term.

Artificial slate is not quite as robust: after around 30 to 40 years, it is said, it begins to leak. The material itself can be over 100 years old, but unfortunately it does not retain its consistency, while the decorative effect is retained.

Reasons in favor of artificial slate on the roof

An important reason for artificial slate on the roof is the low weight of the panels. Natural slate, on the other hand, is relatively heavy and requires a particularly stable ground, while the artificial product does not have to be so massively supported.

Artistic shame is available from about 4 euros at the building materials trader around the corner, nature slate costs about ten times so much. With 100 square meters of roof surface, this makes a difference of 400 to 4.000 Euro.

Today, artificial shaking plates do not include asbestos anymore, because you can safely. The last products of this kind were taken by the market in the 1980s, as well known how dangerous the fibers are really.

Arts shook and the environment: a problematic relationship

However, the artificial shaker has a very crucial disadvantage compared to the natural product: the material is far from the environmentally friendly. The production takes place with a relatively high expenditure of energy and the disposal of plastics is never completely without.

All important properties at a glance

  • can be used as a roof cover
  • leaks after 30 to 40 years
  • decorative effect lasts over 100 years
  • comparatively inexpensive
  • a real lightweight
  • Plates all look the same
  • today no longer contain asbestos
  • not particularly environmentally friendly
Tips & Tricks Artificial slate is more suitable for the shed roof or the garage. When it comes to residential buildings, it is usually worth digging deeper into your pocket.