Painting artificial slate: This is how you do everything right!

You don't like your art slate anymore, you want to give it a new look? If all the conditions are right, you can do a lot with color. Let's take a look at whether your Eternit is suitable for this and then get down to work together (at least in theory). Our instructions will lead you to your goal!

What is your artificial slate made of??

To find out if your art slate can be painted, you first need to check what material you are looking at. Typical Eternit made of fiber cement is easy to paint over, while a high synthetic resin or. Glass fiber content speaks against color treatment.

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If in doubt, consult the respective manufacturer before using paint and a brush. However, it is also important to determine whether your artificial slate may still contain asbestos. If the products are from the 80s or even older, the probability is high.

In this case, it is better to have your records disposed of by a specialist company in order to avoid any health risks. Then a new cladding has to be found, possibly made of Eternit again or alternatively made of natural slate.

How to paint your art slate

  • Deep ground with fungicide
  • Emulsion paint (synthetic resin base)
  • high pressure cleaner
  • Cover material
  • Surface brush
  • Brushes and rollers

1. Prepare the subsurface

First and foremost is a careful preparation of the surface. Thoroughly clean the surfaces and remove any loose material. A high-pressure cleaner is the right tool for this. Attention: wet plates require a long drying time.

2. Princes of art

Because fiber cement is strongly sucking, bring a neutralizing concern in the next step. With fungicide addition, they also protect the ground against mold.

3. Protestant

When the low reason is dried, then stroke the artistic shaker with its dispersion color for outdoor use. Make sure that several layers are needed until everything covers and optimal weather protection arises.

Tips & tricks If you only have a low reason without fungicide, then you can also apply a medium for mold prevention before priming. How to achieve the same effect.