Plastic floor on the balcony: What options do I have?

You want to make it really cozy on your balcony? A good basis for this is a high-quality floor covering that not only withstands the weather, but also looks stylish. If you are interested in a robust plastic floor, you have several options. They all have one thing in common: that there must always be a drainage system.

Plastic floor on the balcony: think about the drainage

If your balcony is not fully protected against rain, you will need a drainage facility in the floor. After all, the water should not accumulate on your comfortable outdoor seat and possibly penetrate the building fabric to cause damage there.

Plastics of all kinds are waterproof, so it is necessary to create a drainage system that drains the water to the outside. A slight outward inclination, which carries the rain directly into the connected gutter, would be a possible variant.

These synthetic coverings are available for selection

  • Wood Plastic Composite (WPC): This material consists of wood fibers compressed with plastic. The boards and panels look like real wood, but are much easier to care for. They do not absorb moisture and do not need to be painted or oiled.
  • Plastic tiles are considered to be particularly inexpensive and are also easy to lay. They are usually provided with a click system and have a variety of decorative patterns that underline your personal style.
  • Liquid plastics were initially used purely as sealing materials for balconies to prevent water and frost damage. They are now available in very beautiful, decorative styles, so that in addition to the structural benefits, they also develop their own charm.
  • Artificial turf is used to give the balcony as natural a look as possible. Here, too, nobody has to invest a lot of money and laying is easy. In return, you almost feel like you are in your own garden on a wonderfully lush green meadow.
  • PVC floors are also sometimes used for balconies, but they are nowhere near the best option. Above all, PVC is not a typical material for outdoor use, the UV and water resistance usually leaves a lot to be desired.
Tips & Tricks Don't shop too cheaply! A synthetic floor for the balcony has to withstand a lot more than a floor covering for the interior. It has to be UV and waterproof so that you can benefit from it for as long as possible.