Plastic flooring in wood look: natural aesthetics in an easy-care form

Wood is still one of the most popular materials for floor coverings, but the natural material has two disadvantages: It is quite expensive and not exactly easy to care for. That is why more and more people are choosing plastic floors with a wood look, which now imitate nature very perfectly. These are cheaper and usually easy to care for. What are the options?

A plastic floor with a wood look: the agony of choice

You are looking for a nice plastic floor with a wood look, but you do not yet know exactly what to choose? If you want to have it particularly cheap, then choose roll goods made of PVC or vinyl, which you can simply roll out like a carpet.

The so-called design coverings, which are only available in plank or panel form, represent an upgrade of this variant. They are thick and very stable. The high-quality products have a very authentic embossing, so that the wood grain is not only visible, but also tangible.

Within these two areas there are, in turn, many differences in quality and individual characteristics. When buying, look for a high level of abrasion resistance and UV resistance so that the floor neither fades nor wears out quickly.

What other options are there?

In addition to the two classics, there is a particularly nice option in the outdoor area to imitate wood: planks and tiles made of WPC look astonishingly similar to the natural material, they are made of plastic pressed with real wood fibers.

WPC is maximally waterproof and easy to care for. Penetrating rain has no chance, and the surfaces don't even have to be painted or oiled regularly. On the contrary: keeping it clean is enough.

The planks from the composite are very popular as a decorative balcony or terraced covering, but also around the private pool they are excellent.

Which plastic bottom should be?

When the decision, it depends entirely on your personal claims. Hang along the following criteria to find out which the best plastic bottom in wood look is for you:

  • Simple laying with click mechanism?
  • Outdoor suitability?
  • High abrasion class?
  • High UV resistance?
  • Authentic decor?
  • Authentic embossing?
  • High stability?
  • Large selection of decors?
  • Easy care?
  • Wet room resistance?
Tips & tricks look around in peace before accessing. The variety of products is such great that it is worth taking a sense of the best price-performance ratio first.