Plastic windows for the basement - advantages and designs

To this day, very simple and inexpensive steel windows can still be found in many cellars. Plastic windows offer clear advantages in this area. You can read here what these are, what price differences there are and what types of plastic windows are available.

Comparison with steel cellar windows

In unheated basements you can often find steel basement windows because they are much cheaper than plastic windows.

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Since the basement is unheated, thermal insulation in the basement window does not play an important role in this case. Some steel cellar windows are even specially designed so that the cellar rooms are ventilated as well as possible.

However, this ventilation can let the insulated basement ceiling cool down and thus reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. This is especially true if there is a constant draft in the cellar through the steel cellar windows.

If, on the other hand, tight plastic basement windows are installed, this cold air flow is largely excluded. Even with tilted plastic windows, the basement ceiling then has a significantly lower cooling effect.

Price differences

The prices for basement windows do not only depend on the window material, but also always on the design.

Plastic windows with a pure tilt function are still relatively inexpensive, while turn-tilt windows for the basement, which also have thermal insulation, are already significantly more expensive.

As soon as a window is close to living space quality, prices rise significantly.

Burglary protection for basement windows

Steel windows usually have an integrated steel grille that is designed to prevent rodents and unwanted people from entering through the basement window. As a rule, this also serves as a very effective protection against break-ins.

In the case of tilt and turn windows made of plastic, however, appropriate protection must be provided. The basement windows, which are easily accessible for every burglar, should be burglar-resistant.

Attaching window grilles alone is often not enough. If in doubt, you should discuss the required protection and the necessary protection class with an expert.

Tips & Tricks In heated basements used as living space, on the other hand, the same requirements apply as for the windows on the other floors. The U-value of the window is also important here, and the size of the light surface should be selected as appropriately as possible - as a rule, a little more than in a room on the ground floor, as generally less light penetrates.