Installing a plastic door: You should avoid these mistakes

Some builders do not want to do without installing their front door themselves. But even with an average plastic door, as is common in many homes these days, you can go wrong. We go through the possible errors together to help you with your assembly project.

The most common problem when installing a plastic door

When it comes to installing a plastic door in the facade, measurement errors often occur with laypeople. This is not a minor problem; it can have very unpleasant consequences. The door may come under tension and the material will suffer permanent damage.

In the meantime, the door leaf jams both when opening and closing - especially in warm temperatures. Therefore, measure the door width in at least two places before installation and subtract the so-called »installation clearance«. You can find this out from the manufacturer.

The door height is also measured at least twice, from the clamp to the front edge of the upper reveal. To be on the safe side, make a drawing that you take with you when you buy the door.

Which opening direction should it be?

Also, decide on an opening direction before buying. Try out what is more practical for you in a kind of "dry run". A little tip on the side: House doors can normally be opened inwards - but then it remains open whether it should be DIN right or DIN left.

Store a plastic door correctly before installing it

Most craftsmen order their plastic door generously in advance, forgetting that you shouldn't just put the good piece in any corner. There are a few things to consider when it comes to storage:

  • Do not allow direct sunlight.
  • Prevent the door from being exposed to frost.
  • Store the door as vertically as possible.
  • Alternatively, you can also store them horizontally without any stress.
  • Leave the transport securing frame on until installation

With these simple measures, you can ensure that neither the door leaf nor the frame warps before installation even begins. So you can install your plastic door without any particular problems.

Tips & Tricks If you want to install a plastic door and frame, then it is best to bring in a helper. This makes the work easier.