Clean copper dishes - 3 simple ways

Copper is slightly green over time or starts. Especially with decoration stands in the household, this does not look very decorative. The copper oxidizes because it converts to the air to copper oxide. To eliminate this, you can now either scrub the crockery made of copper scrub or try one of our three tricks.

Three simple solutions

For started copper, there are numerous home remedies that cost almost nothing. Here are the three most successful means:

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  • Buttermilk and salt
  • Vinegar, water and salt
  • toothpaste

Buttermilk cleans copper

One of the simplest methods for cleaning copper tableware is buttermilk with salt. To do this, take almost the same amount of salt like buttermilk. Stir this cream well. If you have copper dishes that should not scratch, take lukewarm buttermilk and wait after stirring until the salt has completely dissolved in the milk.

Apply polishing agent

The cream made of buttermilk and salt can apply copper with a baking brush on your crockery. Let the polishing cream work for about ten minutes before polishing the crowd with a dry rag.

Special cleaner for heavy cases

For particularly started copper, you can make a special cleaner yourself. For this you need about two tablespoons of vinegar and a tablespoon of salt. This mixture is filled with half a liter of water.

If you have an old spray bottle (12.99 € at Amazon *) in the house, you can spray the copper items with this mixture. Otherwise, it is also sufficient to raise the vinegar water salt mixture with a backpush. Usually it is sufficient to have this mixture to act for a few minutes before rinse the copper under running water.


You only need to apply a normal toothpaste to your copper tableware and leave. If the good piece is particularly worn, use a toothbrush right away. So they come in all corners and scratch. After drying, the toothpaste must only be rinsed.

Tips & Tricks You can of course also buy a special cleaner for copper. The result is the same at best. Another problem is the rare cleaning of the copper. If you need the cleaner again, this is usually already dried.