larch wood for the facade

A façade made of larch wood can be a very interesting optically alternative. In this article you will find out what you need to consider, what costs you have to reckon with and how best to deal with graying.

Wooden facade

Wooden facades are an interesting alternative to conventional facade design. The house is clad with an ecological natural material that is particularly sustainable. In addition, the appearance is positively influenced - even less attractive buildings are optically enhanced by a wooden facade.

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Larch wood benefits

Today larch wood is preferred for wooden facades. There are several reasons for this:

  • beautiful, finely grained wood
  • natural weather resistance
  • natural pest resistance even without protective treatment
  • great hardness and toughness
  • good resistance to chemicals (better than other types of wood)
  • beautiful and noble-looking patina over time
  • Graying can be influenced technically
  • Local wood, therefore no long transport routes and no felling of tropical wood (ecological advantage)
  • still comparatively inexpensive (economic advantage)

Given its numerous advantages, larch wood is in most cases the best choice for a facade. Hardly any other type of wood can keep up with this performance. There are hardly any disadvantages with larch wood: the high resin content serves to protect the wood itself and usually does not cause any problems (except when painting with certain materials). Due to the high amounts of tannic acid contained in the unweathered wood, the drying time of protective coatings is somewhat longer, which is usually not significant with the wooden facade.

Cost of a larch wood facade

You can usually obtain untreated and treated facade boards relatively inexpensively. Prices for the facade boards are usually just under or just over EUR 10 per m². For the substructure you need construction timber, depending on the dimensions, the costs are also relatively cheap here.

Edge dimension Guide price (approx.)
40/60 mm approx. 2.50 - 3.50 EUR per running meter
60/80 mm approx. 5 - 6 EUR per running meter
90/90 mm approx. 8 - 9 EUR per running meter
Tips & Tricks The larch was even voted "Tree of the Year" in 2012 because of its many advantages. Above all, it is important that it is domestic wood with short transport routes, which also applies to CO?-Balance sheet has a very beneficial effect. By using the larch, the risk of massive illegal and ecological logging of tropical trees can be avoided.