Lärchenwood for the terrace

Terraces you can also build from larch wood. Lächche has some advantages in terrace construction. Which ones are and which cost advantages can be created by terraces from larch wood, you will find out in detail in this post.

Features of larch wood

Lärchenholz has some valuable properties that make it easy for use in outdoor use. Läche is a wooden type with high strength and durability. Here is larch extremely tough. It is very weatherproof, the larch wood is also practically completely insensitive to all malicious insects and mushrooms. It swells little and remains relatively dimensionally stable when humidifies.

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Larch compared to tropical woods

The durability of high quality tropical woods can sometimes be slightly longer than the life of native woods. But this is not the case in all cases. In addition, inexpensive tropical woods in particular often come from illegal logging and sometimes inferior wood quality can be found.

Possible problems with tropical wood

This often brings with it massive problems, such as massive "bleeding" in cheap Meranti species and poor strength or durability. In the case of native woods, on the other hand, it is usually much easier to assess the quality, and no tropical trees, which are important for our climate, are felled for this. This includes CO?-intensive transport routes away.

Prices for larch wood

Larch wood is one of our hardest and highest quality softwoods, yet the price is comparatively low. When it comes to sawn timber, you can expect around EUR 650 - 700 per m³ in the timber trade;. This is significantly cheaper than most other boards, apart from low-quality cheap wood.


While the extremely hard tropical woods such as Bangkirai (around 40% harder and stronger than oak) are often difficult to work with, larch is relatively easy to do. Nevertheless, larch wood planks with a suitable substructure are definitely sufficiently stable.

Constructive wood protection is important

As with any wooden structure outdoors, good structural wood protection is the most important thing for larch wood terraces. It must always be ensured that every point of the wood can dry out sufficiently when moisture penetrates, and that there are neither support points nor contact with the ground. If this is the case, in most cases you can even do without chemical wood protection.

Tips & Tricks Good tropical wood (high-quality bankirai, teak) has a longer lifespan than larch wood - however, its high quality is usually significantly more expensive.