Larch wood: paint or oil?

Additional protection can be useful in some cases with larch wood. The question of whether it is better to paint or to oil is always answered differently. In this article you can read up on which arguments speak in favor of painting and which speak in favor of oils.

Protection options

In general, larch wood can be protected in three ways:

  • painting with wood protection paint
  • glazing with a wood protection glaze
  • the oiling
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Arguments in favor of deletion

Painting the wood provides complete protection from the weather. In addition, any color scheme can be achieved with the lacquer, and the wood grain can also be covered, so that a completely homogeneous surface is created.

On the other hand, paint always represents a completely covering and therefore usually completely diffusion-proof coating. Moisture that gets into the wood can no longer escape. In addition, when the wood is "working ", the continuous layer of varnish can splinter due to changes in temperature. Painting with varnish is therefore not a cheap alternative, it is also the most expensive option.

Arguments for glazing

When glazing the larch wood, the color of the wood can also be influenced, but the grain of the wood is retained. A pigmented glaze also provides protection against UV radiation, so that the graying process of the wood is prevented. However, transparent glazes without pigments cannot prevent this process. The protection lasts a little longer than with oiling, but is also slightly more expensive.

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Arguments for oils

Oils are not always pigmented, so that the graying process is not stopped by all oils. Even with pigmented oils, you often have to re-oil, especially on stressed areas. The treatment must also be repeated in all other areas at least once a year. That causes a little more effort.

Damage to larch wood

Larch wood can normally withstand pests and fungi by nature. So UV protection is only important if you want to avoid graying. You can achieve this with all pigmented products.

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The easiest to use and the most durable are therefore glazes. They offer the same protection as pigmented oils, but are a little more durable and have to be renewed at longer intervals. They also offer a little more mechanical protection than oils.

Tips & Tricks The price difference between impregnation glaze and wood oil is usually only very small - a glaze is therefore the cheapest method in terms of cost. Please note, however, that you must treat all wooden parts on all sides before installation and only use products suitable for larch wood (high resin content, high tannic acid content).