So Bamboo can be cleaned

Bamboo is not more popular as a building material. The lightweightness with simultaneous resistant hardness makes the sweet grass suitable for many constructions. So that the warm, bright color and shiny surface is preserved, regular cleaning is already announced in bamboo pipe or fine bamboo braids.

Clean discolored pipe bamboo

Especially in the garden, constructions of bamboo pipe - especially in combination with bamboo plantations - have been extremely atmospheric. Fences, pavilion racks or a whole sitting furniture set of thick bamboo pipe can make your garden or terrace an exotic oasis. But if it is constantly exposed to UV radiation, rain and hand contact, the bamboo material does not keep its clean, warm, bright, shiny appearance in the long term. Greyish or blackish discolorations are unsightly, but unfortunately phenomena that can hardly be avoided. Reasons for spotty soiling could be:

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  • Algae growth
  • Moss growth
  • Grease soiling

If bamboo cane is permanently exposed to moisture, algae and moss can settle on it, as on wood-based materials. In order to remove such organic deposits, you should first try to work with mild means. For example with:

  • water-soaked sponge
  • with mild neutral soap

Perhaps the deposits can be easily removed with water. Instead of scrubbing by hand, you can also try a pressure washer. If the discoloration still persists, it may be fatty residues from touching or food splashes. So try to process the bamboo tubes with a mild soapy solution.

You should only use moss or algae removal concentrate in stubborn cases.

Clean fine bamboo braids

Bamboo braids made of thin, cut open lengths of bamboo cane held together with strong thread are often used as carpets or privacy mats. As a floor covering, such a mesh is prone to soiling in the cracks. The bamboo material itself is quite insensitive to it, but greasy food residues or moisture damage can look unattractive in the long run.

Dry dirt can easily be sucked out of the gaps. Greasy dirt particles are more difficult to remove. The best thing to do here is to try water first. So that the thread connections do not tear, do not use a high-pressure cleaner, but rather a low-pressure cleaner or a garden hose. You can also mix a little mild neutral soap into the cleaning water with a bamboo carpet, but it is better without it. If the carpet or the screen mat is not too big, you can also mechanically or. work by hand with a soft-bristled brush.