How to remove silicone spray with home remedies

Silicone spray can be applied very precisely, but sometimes something goes wrong. Before buying a special cleaning product that you don't otherwise need, it's better to use a home remedy that you have on the shelf anyway..

Silicone spray and its properties

Silicone spray is a very creepable lubricant, it adheres well and can be used in conjunction with practically all materials. It protects rubber from aging, lubricates squeaky moving parts and makes zippers work again. These properties mean that once it covers a surface, it does not come off as easily.

Home remedies for silicone spray

The "official" cleaning agent for silicone spray is silicone remover. But home remedies are just as effective and usually already available. It is important that the spray is dissolved. Possible cleaners are nail polish remover, alcohol, benzine, ammonia cleaner, degreaser or cold spray. You can also use a sharp blade to mechanically remove large amounts of silicone spray from a smooth surface. Depending on what material you want to remove the spray from, choose one of the means.

To remove silicone oil from a hard surface, you need a rag, a clean cloth, the solvent and possibly a cleaning agent. Water for washing up. You put a little of the agent on the silicone stain and let it work for a short time. Then rub the silicone with the cloth and wipe with the clean cloth. If the cleaning agent gives off a strong odor, wash the surface with water (and possibly a washcloth). a care product). Cleaning is not a problem on glazed tiles. With natural stone or wood, you should use an agent that does not attack the surface.

It is more difficult to remove the silicone spray from fabric (e.g. after lubricating your zipper). The spray is drawn into the fibers. Prepare a mixture of degreaser and detergent for the treatment and apply it. After the mixture has been absorbed for a few minutes, wash it off and then put the laundry in the washing machine. If the stain is very fresh, you can try pulling out the spray with baking soda before treating the area with stain remover and washing the garment in the washing machine.