Painted stretch ceilings: These prices are to be expected!

A stretched lacquer ceiling can be installed relatively quickly without dirt and noise, and any unsightly old ceiling disappears behind it. The stretch ceiling system is even suitable for installation in the bathroom or in a private swimming pool. The price for a stretched lacquer ceiling is, however, significantly higher than for suspension with plasterboard. Which costs arise?

These are the price factors for the new stretched lacquer ceiling

The different manufacturers of stretch ceiling films naturally charge different prices, and the quality and decor of the respective product also play a major role. As always, self-assembly has the effect of reducing costs, but not every do-it-yourselfer dares to do this.

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Another cost factor is the number of room corners, because the stretched lacquer ceiling is a little more difficult to install on angled ceilings. In addition, the installation of the retaining profiles in polygonal rooms takes longer and more material is usually required.

It is also decisive for the price whether the new ceiling system is to be equipped with built-in lighting or sound insulation. Each additional element must of course be paid extra and affects the cost.

These costs are incurred for a stretched lacquer ceiling

For an initial orientation, we have selected some real costs for you that are incurred for a stretched lacquer ceiling. You have to reckon with these prices including installation:

  • Minimum basic price for a stretched lacquer ceiling: around 45 euros per square meter
  • Connections for 4 recessed spotlights result in additional costs of around 200 euros for 50 square meters
  • 6 instead of 4 room corners cost around 150 euros more for 50 sqm
  • For a suede design or imitation marble you pay around 500 euros more for 50 square meters

Overall, the price for a 50 square meter stretched lacquer ceiling including installation is roughly between 2.000 and 3.000 euros. Some sources even cite a maximum price of 150 euros per square meter; this luxury variant would cost 7 for 50 square meters.Cost 500 euros.

Cost example for a stretched lacquer ceiling

A living room ceiling with old paneling should disappear under a stretched lacquer ceiling. The apartment owner has a ceiling light installed and opts for an inexpensive single-color lacquer decor.

Cost overview price
1. Material for stretched lacquer ceiling 1.500 euro
2. Installation costs 800 euros
3. Electrics and new ceiling light 450 euros
total price 2.750 euros

Save costs by doing your own work

In this special case, the house owner mentioned could save some money by doing his own work, but he still has to purchase the necessary tools and rent a hot air blower.

Tips & Tricks First watch a video about the assembly of varnished stretch ceilings and then decide whether you dare to do this work.