Build your own lamp out of bottles

Bottles, especially when they are made of beautiful, colorful glass, are perfect as great lampshades. Making these yourself is not that difficult, but you need some experience in glass cutting. Below you will learn how to build a beautiful lamp out of bottles step by step.

A challenge, but manageable

The most difficult part of making a lamp out of bottles is cutting the glass: the bottom of the bottle has to go. If you do not trust yourself to do this, you can also contact a glass company and ask to have the bottom of the bottle cut off.
The second tricky point is the wiring, i.e. the connection to the power grid. For safety reasons, you should rather leave the connection of the cables and the connection to the mains to an electrician.

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Instructions for building a lamp from bottles

  • bottle
  • Light bulb + socket + cable
  • solid work gloves
  • Glass cutter or wire
  • Sandpaper for glass
  • optional: paints and brushes for painting

1. Separate the glass bottom

First, the glass bottom has to be cut off. You can do this with the help of a glass cutter, have it carried out by a professional (the safest option) or try it yourself with simple home remedies. Some hobbyists report that they cut through glass with the help of a hot wire. For safety reasons, you should be careful with such experiments and in any case wear sturdy gloves and possibly protective goggles!

An easy variation is to just buy a bottomless bottle like the one found in many interior design stores.

2. Sand the edge of the bottle

If you have cut off the bottom of the bottle yourself, you should then thoroughly sand the edge with an arrow or sandpaper so that it is no longer sharp-edged.

3. Decorate the bottle

If you want to decorate the bottle, now is the right time: paint or stick on it as you wish. But make sure that the paint is heat-resistant!

4th. Socket in the bottle

Now push the socket and the cable through the open bottle bottom into the bottle and pull the cable out through the bottle neck. Then put a narrow light bulb through the open bottom of the bottle and screw it into the socket.

5. Bring cables to the wall

Now attach the cable firmly to the ceiling or wherever you want to attach your lamp. You can find out how to do this in detail in this article.

Tips & Tricks Bottle lamps look particularly good in trees or on a terrace! Hang several lamps made of bottles in different colors in a tree in your garden or in front of your terrace and enjoy the colorful flickering in the evening.