Renewing the lampshade: Anything is possible

Your lampshade is yellowed, broken or just out of fashion? Then you don't have to throw the lamp away right away. There are many ways to renew a lampshade. Read below what they are and what to watch out for when replacing the lamp.

Paint the wire frame

The wire frame of an old lamp is often rusted or chipped. To give the lamp a completely new look, you should renew that too. To do this, take off the lampshade and - if possible - remove the wire frame with the lamp rings. Possibly these are simply attached with adhesive tape that should be replaced anyway. If, with the best will in the world, you cannot remove the frame, you should line the inside of the lamp with newspaper and carefully paint the frame with a varnish for metals. The advantage of being able to remove the frame is that you can get anywhere and repaint the frame completely.

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Replace the lampshade

Depending on what material your umbrella is made of, different renovation techniques are available:

  • You can simply paint a metal lampshade with a new coat of heat-resistant paint.
  • A glass lamp can be cleaned thoroughly in the shower and any paintings can be copied with a delicate brush and glass paint.
  • Several situations can arise with a lampshade made of fabric: If the fabric is torn, you can sew the tear neatly with fine stitches. The disadvantage here is that the seam is likely to be visible when the lamp is switched on. Another variant is to simply cover the crack by e.g.B. Glue fabric strips vertically or horizontally over them. Attach several fabric tapes to equal intervals and you already have a chic new lamp.
    If the fabric is old and yellowed, you should relate the lampshade. How to proceed in this manual: Relate lampshade.
  • A broken paper lamp can try to stick, but this is usually not worth the effort. Customize a new lampshade from paper, as described here.
Tips & Tricks Even if the lampshade is torn, there is hope: with a little luck, the crack can be glued so clever that he is no longer visible after repair. How to create this, learn here.