Durable and hard wood tiles made of acacia

The native wood of the acacia has many properties that make it suitable for the production of wooden tiles. The wood is very durable and with constant exposure to the effects of the weather, the average lifespan is given as thirty years.

Real acacia is long-lived

The acacia wood is sometimes referred to as the teak of Europe. The properties in terms of hardness and weather resistance are comparable to tropical wood. In addition, acacia wood is immune to insect and fungal attack and the stability of the edges allows the wood tiles to remain in a perfect optical condition for a long time.

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Colloquially, acacia is often equated with robinia. Individual providers use this linguistic inaccuracy and offer robinia wood as acacia. If in doubt, an independent wood expert should confirm the authenticity of the acacia wood. So-called golden acacia offers are usually tropical teak or iroko wood.

Protection by wood oil is sufficient

The natural properties allow easy surface care with wood oil even on wooden tiles laid outdoors. The wooden tiles are usually pre-oiled, in some cases stained and almost never sealed with varnish. Replenishing the oil once a year is enough to keep the acacia wood tiles long-lasting.

The most common are wooden tiles with click technology and a plastic substructure. The wooden tiles can be laid out like a puzzle and fixed with the click connections. The standard dimensions are squares with an edge length of thirty centimeters, which consist of three to six parallel acacia wooden strips.

Inexpensive top quality wood

With its properties, acacia offers one of the best price-performance ratios that are possible in the production and sale of wooden tiles.For example, prices from three euros per piece for the pre-oiled wooden tiles produced ready for laying, such as the online supplier Holzboden-direkt, are common.de or natural floor.com. The calculation basis can be assumed to be around 25 euros per square meter.

In addition to the square standard dimensions, wooden tiles are also offered in rectangular shapes. Laying patterns other than mosaics are possible with the formats. Acacia strips running parallel to each other can be laid out with a pointed offset and a kind of herringbone pattern as described under baudi24.de pictured.

Tips & Tricks Acacia wood tiles are also more often on offer as promotional goods in discount stores. In spring in particular, the wooden tiles are sold as part of the garden and property offer for sometimes under two euros each.