According to the Harvard study: If you wear THAT, you will be treated better!

We really didn't expect that.

Karl Lagerfeld once said: "Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life."We just say: take this Karl! A study by the elite University of Harvard has shown that women who wear sweatpants and sneakers are particularly successful.
According to the study, women who wear a sporty outfit in a professional environment, for example at work or in a fine restaurant, are perceived as extremely confident and elitist. The explanation of the Harvard researchers: "Anyone who defies social norms shows that he does not need the recognition of others because he is already at the top."In a nutshell: if you can, you can.

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Treated better thanks to sweatpants?

But that's not all: sweatpants and sneakers also ensure that you are treated better in high-end shops. The proof is provided by an editor of the British newspaper "The Observer ". She took the test in the luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman. Once she went shopping in designer fashion in a stylish manner, once in a tracksuit. The amazing result: it was treated better in the silty look!
So girls, the next time you hesitate to go outside in sweatpants: Do it! You might even land your big coup in this outfit.