According to the study: If you meet these criteria, your job chances increase

The position sounds fantastic, but not all of the requirements in the advertisement apply to you? No matter! We'll tell you why you still have good chances of getting the job.

Above-average university degree, five years of professional experience, two foreign languages fluent, programming skills and good general education - who in the world should meet such criteria? Even so, many job advertisements look exactly like this.
Instead of clicking further disappointed and looking for less demanding job advertisements: apply anyway! As a study by the recruiting agency Talent Works found, you only have to meet 50 percent of the requirements to be successful.

If you meet more criteria, the chances do not increase

As part of the investigation, Talent Works found more than 6.000 job advertisements and applications from 118 industries analyzed. The agency found: Regardless of whether a candidate meets 50 or 90 percent of the requirements - the chance of being invited to an interview is the same!

How can I increase my chances of getting the job?

Of course, that doesn't mean that you'll have the job safely in your pocket. "The more applications you submit, the higher your chance of getting an interview," advise the experts. But that doesn't mean that you should blindly send applications. Always make sure that you adapt the application to the respective job and employer. 08/15 applications are sorted out directly.
Also interesting: This is how application photos should look like - and not like this!

Score in the interview

If you have survived the first round and you have been invited to an interview, you should prepare well. Find out about the employer and the job described and be prepared for nasty questions.
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