LED lamp whistles - what could be the cause?

When the LED light starts to whistle or whistle, it gives many people a strange feeling. In our article we reveal what the cause of such noises can be and how they can best be eliminated.

Noises from LED lamps

LED lamps can make different noises. It's not that rare. Usually one listens to one

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  • Whirring
  • Buzzing or whistling
  • Hum
  • low hum

These noises do not always necessarily indicate damage to the LED light, even if it beeps softly. In many cases this is normal under certain conditions. But since it can be annoying, let's first look at the cause and then look for ways to fix it.

Ballast electronics

In principle, noises can occur with all LED lights. It is also not a sign that the goods are cheap. Branded products also whistle or whistle sometimes. This is due to the ballast electronics.

In most cases the cause is that the ballast electronics do not always and under all circumstances do not get along with the dimmer. Then the result is almost always reproducible if you test with the same dimmer.

In other cases it can simply be the design of the electronics that reacts to certain conditions:

  • Coils or chokes for interference suppression
  • Transformers in the lamps (then act as quasi-loudspeakers)
  • EMC interference electronics (this type of construction can again and again tend to generate noise, but this does not damage the lamp)

Possible damage

Basically, you only need to fear damage if the dimmer and lamp do not get along. In this case you should definitely switch to a suitable combination. In all other cases, the noises mean no wear and tear on the lamp - if the noises are not bothersome, it can remain. Otherwise swap for a lamp of a different design.

Tips & Tricks If you send a lamp back as a warranty claim and the result cannot be reproduced by the manufacturer, you may not get your LED lamp back. In that case, you would have made even more losses because you had to buy a new one.