Dispose of LED lamps - how to do it correctly

Again and again there is uncertainty about where you can dispose of LED lamps and whether there is a reason for a certain method of disposal. You can find out in detail in this article whether LED lamps can simply be disposed of in household waste and whether disposal is dangerous.

Danger from LED light sources

In principle, LED lamps - in contrast to energy-saving lamps - are harmless and non-toxic. Special disposal is therefore not compulsory for reasons of danger.

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If you should dispose of an LED lamp in the household garbage, this is an offense, but it will be n (with energy-saving lamps, on the other hand, you risk a fine of up to EUR 400 for a single lamp;.000 EUR). This does not apply to bulbs or halogen lights, but only to energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes.

Classification of LED lights

According to the law, LED lamps do not count as light sources, but as Electrical appliances. The regulations of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) therefore apply to disposal.

As with other old electrical devices, LEDs must therefore not be disposed of with household waste as intended.

Recycling system for LED lights

Since LED lights contain a large number of materials that can be reused, collecting them also makes a lot of sense for ecological reasons. In this way, resources are conserved and disposal is really environmentally friendly.

With Lightcycle A nationwide collection network was created in Germany, to which larger quantities (more than 50 pieces) can be handed in without any problems. There are currently around 9 nationwide.000 collection points that can be found on the initiative's website (postcode search).

Dispose of LEDs properly

There are several options available for disposal:

  • Recycling centers
  • Specially marked collection points in the electrical appliance trade (dealers are sometimes obliged to take back old devices)
  • at the Lightcycle collection points

Disposal is free of charge in any case. Disposal in household waste is currently not penalized, but is not permitted by law. You should definitely refrain from doing this.

Tips & Tricks Simply collect all non-functional LEDs in a separate box and make a note to take them with you the next time you visit an electronics store and dispose of them there. You can also dispose of old batteries there. So you kill two birds with one stone and don't waste time. You can dispose of lightbulbs in the household waste without any problems.