LED lamps defective after a short time

LED lights actually have a very long service life and burn time, which in most cases is well over 20.000 hours. In this article, you can read why LED lamps often break after a short time.

Lifespan of lamps

Basically, the manufacturers have to test a minimum service life of 6.000 hours before a product is allowed on the market. Annoyingly, however, the test procedure provides that only every other lamp must pass this test.

This is of course very annoying, especially with lamps with built-in light sources. Here, this minimum service life can often be undercut, as Stiftung Warentest has found several times.

Technical reasons for breaking quickly

In some cases, technical causes can also significantly shorten the service life

  • Overvoltages in the network (voltages too high)
  • the lamp has a dimmer or a dimmer is used (also pay attention to soft-on / soft-off switches!)
  • LEDs are connected in series
  • Insufficient heat dissipation from high-voltage spots and therefore overheating
Tips & Tricks Avoid buying lamps where the LEDs are permanently installed. This is the case with more and more lamps. It is theoretically possible to have the lamps replaced here, but it usually costs money.