LED tube flickers - what to do?

If LED tubes flicker, this is usually a significant annoyance, especially if the flickering occurs early. What the cause can be how LED tubes work at all and what you can do in the case of flickering, read here.

Operation of an LED tube

LED tubes have a lower energy consumption than conventional fluorescent tubes. That's because they work completely differently.

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In the LED tube are in series LED platelets or diodes, which immediately approach after switching on and have no so-called switch-on delay, such as conventional fluorescent tubes they also burn flicker-free if they are properly switched and intact.

Causes of flickering

There can be various causes for the flickering of the LED tube, which should be checked carefully:

  • Damage to the LED tube itself
  • unclean processing of the LED tube (especially soldering points)
  • Installation in an unsuitable lamp holder (this problem exists especially when replacing conventional fluorescent tubes with LED tubes)

It is important to pay particular attention to whether the lamp socket is suitable for the tube. With some lamp holders, the existing ballasts have to be bridged before they can be used again. You need a professional for this.

For brackets with a KVG or VVG ballast, you only need to install the replacement starter for the LED tube. With an EVG (electronic ballast) you may only use LED tubes suitable for EVG. Otherwise there could even be tension on touchable parts, so be careful here!

Warranty cases

If the tube becomes defective within the two-year warranty period, you can simply return it to your dealer. Then you need to contact the manufacturer.

Tips & Tricks Pay attention to who gives the guarantee and how long. The dealer has two years, the manufacturer has to give the guarantee himself. There is no guarantee from Manufacturer before, you can only hope for goodwill.