Easy to lay and weatherproof: wooden tiles on the balcony

Wooden tiles for the balcony or terrace usually consist of three to six parallel wooden strips in a square shape. There are open joints between the individual strips and the wooden tiles are simply placed on the floor with plastic spacers.

Click technique and groin course

The standard dimensions of wooden tiles are thirty by thirty centimeters. The handy squares are held together by a plastic grid, which also act as a positioning aid. Wooden tiles with these substructures are offered in stores as click wooden tiles and have a leveling mechanism.

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Wooden tiles without click technology are mounted on cross-bearing battens and can also be laid very easily on a level surface. The disadvantage is the constant contact of the support battens with the temporarily damp subsurface, which can lead to rotting. In addition, any necessary height compensation must be carried out with linings made of, for example, wooden plates or other fillers.

The arrangement of the individual wooden strips of a wooden tile can be oblique or straight. While strips arranged straight to a side edge can easily be adjusted by the width of a strip, sawing to size is more difficult with sloping strips.

Types of wood and container sizes

Inexpensive local trees such as acacia, pine, robinia or oak can be used as woods. More expensive, but also more durable, are tropical woods such as Bangkirai and Cumaru or the southern European cedar. The wooden tiles should definitely belong to durability class one or two. Tropical woods from sustainable forestry carry the so-called FSC seal.

Wooden tiles for the balcony are usually offered in fixed piece packages. Four, nine or twelve individual tiles are common. Twelve square wooden tiles with a side dimension of thirty centimeters correspond to 1.08 square meters. Packages with twelve wooden tiles are available from twenty euros, high-quality tropical woods cost up to fifty euros in this container size.

Sources of supply and price examples 2013

The furniture store IKEA sells acacia wood tiles that have been treated with acrylic-based glaze paint. The bundle of nine click elements costs 24.99 euros and is offered under the product name Platta.

The online retailer rakuten.de is offering twelve wooden tiles made of oiled acacia wood with click technology in the House and Garden category, also for 24.99 euros. On the Holzboden-direkt website.de five oiled Kempas wood tiles with a side dimension of 45 centimeters are offered for eight euros.

Tips & Tricks The easy installation and removal of click wooden tiles on the balcony allows you to "wrap up" the tiles when your balcony is not in use. This increases the lifespan of the wooden tiles significantly.