Is it worth the façade to squirt instead of painting?

Most of the pains back a facade still in a traditional manner with roll and brush to body. The practical sprayers exist for decades and only seem to wait to set large areas quickly and precisely in color! We look more closely if the splash of the façade really worthwhile.

Facade squirt: The advantages at a glance

To splash the façade, will be very beneficial at first glance. Finally, the spray gun can be used much faster than the color roller, and large façade area are immersed in a new color within a short time.

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Time is money: For the injection work, less hours fall, Ergo falls lower the craftsman bill. Also the scaffolding only has to stop very briefly and for this reason also costs less. Agrees 's - or not?

Incidentally, the new, sprayed painting is beautifully even if a pro performers. Nothing more with color and ugly approaches! The color also gets much better into the depressions, for example in a highly plastically designed raw caterpillar. In a nutshell:

  • Syring is faster
  • saves active working time
  • saves framework rent
  • ensures uniform surfaces
  • Ideal for plastic plaster

More accurate: Is spraying really better?

Whether spraying the facade is really better than painting it by hand can only be determined on closer inspection. The working time saved can, for example, be deceptive, because some additional work is required for the airless treatment:

First of all, the environment must be protected from the spray mist and therefore carefully hung with foil and masked. In this case, the preparatory work will certainly take longer than with roller painting.

The maintenance and transport of the sprayer are also important: It has to be emptied, cleaned and refilled, a job that someone will certainly have to pay for. In addition, spray coatings tend to be a lot thinner, which is why a second pass is likely to be necessary.

Tips & Tricks Get a cost estimate for a facade painting by hand and a spray painting. This gives you the opportunity to compare the hours actually required.