Love Island 2021: jealous drama already in episode 1

In this year's season of the dome show "Love Island " there is already a jealousy scene between Bianca and Breno in the first episode. The reason for this is Grenade Livia.

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Video by Esther Pistorius

The first episode of the new season "Love Island " ran on Monday evening. This year, too, it seems to be anything but boring. This is already apparent in the first episode of the dome show, where there is a jealousy scene.
Candidate Breno first decides on candidate Bianca. The two are just getting to know each other when presenter Jana Ina comes around the corner with bad news. "It's grenade time," she announces.
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Shortly thereafter, Granate Livia stumbled into the villa in the deeply cut, gold one-piece suit and caused quite a stir. And Livia has exited it on Breno.

Breno flirts Livia fiercely

That Breno had actually opted for Bianca, suddenly impressed him little, because Livia is going to the full: he is inviting her with hot dance steps and even attracts his shirt to present her sixpack.
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Bianca then bursts almost jealousy. She says: "I'm not the jealous type. But I was already happy if he spends the time with me. I'm the single here on 'Love Island ' and that would be pretty annoying!"