Build your own furniture from timber

Great furniture with an exceptional design is expensive and difficult to come by. You can achieve a very special design with furniture made of timber. Even if you are not yet a particularly experienced furniture maker, this furniture will turn out perfectly, because it is precisely the imperfect that makes the special charm. We show here what possibilities there are with lumber.

Benches and tables

In particular, straight-lined furniture such as long, stable benches and large dining tables can be easily made from construction wood. You can also make flat furniture in the style of a lounge from construction timber. Large angular cushions then go with it, which underline the somewhat coarser style.

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Furniture making for beginners

Anyone who is just starting out as a do-it-yourselfer cannot choose a more profitable project than a furniture landscape made of timber. Whether for a stylish lounge or a noble dining room, timber can be processed very individually. It doesn't matter if everything doesn't turn out perfect, because that's what makes this furniture so charming.

Small pitfalls

However, there are two things to look out for when building lumber furniture for your lounge. The first is grinding. It is imperative that you sand all surfaces very well. With an orbital sander (€ 72.99 at Amazon *) and a delta sander, however, you can get into every nook and cranny, so that the effort is kept within limits. You should also break the edges of the new table tops or benches with the grinder.

  • Sand surfaces well
  • Break and grind edges
  • Color is very strongly absorbed

Lumber sucks

If the new piece of furniture is to be adjusted in color later, you will have to paint a few times. Thanks to its soft, coarse structure, timber absorbs extremely large amounts of paint. Of course, this also has the advantage that a slight adjustment, such as a lightly whitewashed wood tone, is very easy to implement.

Tips & Tricks Ingenious solutions can also be built from a combination of timber and discarded pallets. Pallets and construction timber are great materials for furniture, especially for the terrace, where stable and particularly stable wooden furniture is important. Another advantage of these combinations is that you have almost nothing to lose because the material is cheap and durable.