Painting furniture with wall paint is possible?

Chalk and wall paints dry very quickly and also cover well. You can paint almost anything with them, including furniture. Good preparation of the subsurface is a prerequisite. We show you how it works.

Which furniture is suitable?

Old, discarded furniture, found objects from the flea market or other worn real wood furniture are best suited for this. Ideally, you should use chalk colors, which are now available in different colors. With the powdery look you get an antique-looking finish.

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  • Painter's tape
  • Medium-grain sandpaper or abrasive fleece
  • cleaning supplies
  • Wall paint or chalk paint
  • Tinting paint
  • Blocking reason
  • brush
  • small foam roller
  • Paint tray

This is how you should proceed:

1. Take your piece of furniture apart so that you can easily reach all surfaces that are being painted. Fittings should also be removed.
2. The piece of furniture must be free of dust and grease.
3. Sand the old paint well and remove flaking paint residues.
4th. It is not necessary to apply a barrier primer, but it allows the later wall paint to adhere better and prevents wood stains from bleeding through.
5. Now you can apply the first coat with the roller. Chalk colors are particularly opaque due to their high pigmentation.
6th. After the first coat has dried, lightly roughen with a sandpaper and coat a second time.
7th. For the desired shabby chic style, mix the wall paint with a darker tinting paste and apply it to the piece of furniture with targeted brushstrokes.
8th. The chalk paint can now be easily sanded off at the corners and edges, which gives it the charm of an old piece of furniture.
9. You can achieve a special effect if you use different colors for the first and second coat.
10. In order to fix the wall paint on the piece of furniture, a wood wax can now be applied, which you can polish later after a waiting period of one day.

Tips & Tricks The best way to apply the wall paint is with a paint roller. It creates a smooth, even surface. To give the piece of furniture a vintage look, you should apply another coat of paint with the brush after the paint has dried. The resulting visible brush marks give the furniture an additional old touch.