Garbage can full - can more garbage be added?

When you've had a big gathering or renovation, you often get more trash than you want. The result: full garbage cans. This is often a problem, because the refuse collection is deliberately only the tons of tons. Nevertheless, they do not have to despair, because for this circumstance finds a suitable solution.

Trash besides the ton allowed?

If you dispose of additional garbage and do not keep up for two or four weeks, you need to contact your municipality or the responsible garbage collection operation. Why? These can inform you about what kind you can dispose of another garbage so that it is picked up by the refuse collection. You can not use conventional bags or cardboard boxes.

Many communities provide special bags for the problem mentioned that they can acquire. In most cases they are blue, grasp 60 l and are referred to as residual waste bags. Depending on the community or garbage removal, you can be greater or smaller. Also different are the prices ranging from a few to 15 euros per bag for additional effort. If you need to dispose more waste, this method is excellent for you.

Helpful tips

1. Contact landlord

If the garbage cans in your block of flats or apartment house are always too full, you should draw your attention to your landlord. This must then increase the number of tons or order larger when it was found that there is not enough space for the waste. This can solve the problem for the future.

2. Inform early enough

Make sure that you inform the garbage collection in good time about the additional garbage. Together with the garbage bags suitable for disposal, they will be picked up without problems and you do not have to worry about the waste.

3. Additional emptying date

If you don't have time to get the bags, you can wait until after they have been regularly emptied to dispose of them. Then contact the garbage disposal responsible for you and request an additional emptying date. Although you have to pay a fee for this, the garbage can be disposed of effectively and, above all, quickly in this way.