Dimensions of Poroton stones - an overview

Practical, light and available in many sizes, that is the Poroton stone. Steam hardening makes the stones very firm despite their porous interior. Despite the common name of aerated concrete, this material has nothing to do with concrete.

Light all-rounder for the construction site

The low weight of Poroton makes even larger bricks possible and practical with this material. Nevertheless, up to a certain size, they can be processed by one man alone.

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Many sizes - easy to cut

The Poroton stones are available in almost any required size, but they are very easy to cut. This enables special angles and cut-outs for interior work. All that is needed to cut a stone made of Poroton is a saw.

Poroton stones - dimensions and sizes

Not all sizes of the practical stone can be listed here. The two well-known manufacturers Ytong and Hebel have a fairly consistent product list, but there are always other new manufacturers with different sizes on the market, some of which disappear again just as quickly.

Poroton plan stone

The flat stones made of Poroton are particularly common in the size 62.5 centimeters by 25 centimeters in height. This stone is available in thicknesses from 5 centimeters to 30 centimeters.

Lengths of Poroton stones

  • 33.2 cm
  • 39.9 cm
  • 49.9 cm
  • 59.9 cm
  • 64.4 cm

Height of the Poroton stones

  • 19.9 cm
  • 24.9 cm

Width of a poroton stone

  • 17.5 cm
  • 24 cm
  • 30 cm
  • 36.5 cm

Big construction site - big stone

For the larger construction site, where at least one small crane is available, large plan elements are made from Poroton. This means that the entire wall can be built from one stone. This of course saves time and manpower.

Tips & Tricks You should also pay attention to the strength class of the Poroton stone for an interior wall. Especially when the wall is supposed to have a load-bearing function at the same time.

If a load-bearing wall is replaced by a new Poroton wall, you must also ensure that the new wall is sufficiently dry and hardened before you tear down the old wall.