Take the test: Would you be a good boss?

You dream of being the boss and doing everything better than your current boss? Then take our test and find out what your leadership skills are like.

For more than ten years, Google has asked its employees what they want from a manager. The investigation is about things like reliability, communication and decision-making.
Based on the scores Google managers get for these factors, Google can predict the productivity, satisfaction, and performance of the teams.
Every year the company publishes the results of the study, which are probably very reliable due to the large number of employees at Google (in 2017 there were over 80 worldwide.000). In 2018, the following ten qualities were particularly important for a boss, according to Google employees:
1. Is a good trainer
2. Lets the team do it and doesn't micromanage
3. Ensures that every employee feels valued and supported
4th. Is productive and results-oriented
5. Is a good communicator - listens and shares knowledge
6th. Supports the career and gives performance feedback
7th. Has a clear vision / strategy for the team
8th. Has crucial technical skills to advise the team
9. Cooperates with colleagues across the company
10. You can rely on the decisions
To what extent you fulfill these characteristics and whether you would therefore be a good boss can be found out with this psychological test!